1982-02-10 BBC Paris Studio, London, England, UK

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This is the fourth concert with Alan Wilder in the live line-up and the earliest recording available of the 1982 See You Tour. This concert was a double bill that also featured the band Talk Talk[1]. Talk Talk had released their first single, "Mirror Man", just five days prior.

This concert was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 1 FM on 1982-04-10.[1][2] Both an excellent sounding original FM broadcast master cassette recording and a digital satellite rebroadcast capture from BBC Radio 6 Music Live Hour on May 1st, 2010[3], captured in the highest bitrate possible, are available to stream and download below.

Set list

  1. Shout
  2. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
  3. Puppets
  4. New Life
  5. See You
  6. Now, This Is Fun
  7. Boys Say Go!
  8. The Meaning Of Love
  9. What's Your Name?


  • Source 1 is a digital satellite broadcast captured in the highest bitrate available. It is the best sounding and most complete version of this concert available.
  • Source 2 is guesswho's FM broadcast master cassette recording. This is the best sounding and most complete version of the analog FM broadcast available.