1982-02-10 BBC Paris Studio, London, England, UK/Source 2

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An excellent FM broadcast recording. This version is the best sounding and most complete copy of the original analog broadcast in circulation. The radio host, Gary Crowley, interrupts the harmony at the very end of What's Your Name?, but otherwise, the music is completely uninterrupted and is complete.

Please note that there is a stellar capture of a digital satellite broadcast of the same recording, available as Source 1, which does not feature the DJ interruption at the end of What's Your Name?.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [0:36] Play Introduction
  2. [4:38] Play Shout
  3. [2:13] Play I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
  4. [3:34] Play Puppets
  5. [4:04] Play New Life
  6. [4:10] Play See You
  7. [3:20] Play Now, This Is Fun
  8. [2:39] Play Boys Say Go!
  9. [3:13] Play The Meaning Of Love
  10. [3:19] Play What's Your Name?
  • Total time: 31:45


  • Complete FM broadcast recording
  • BBC Radio 1 FM stereo broadcast -> Pioneer tape deck (unknown model) -> Akai tape deck (playback; unknown model) -> Audacity -> Adobe Audition (speed correction and light mastering) -> FLAC level 8
  • Taper: guesswho
  • Generation: master
  • Original info file included
  • Originally broadcast on 1982-04-10 by BBC Radio 1 (see BBC website here and here)