1982-03-06 Rockola, Madrid, Spain

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A rather poor and muffled sounding FM broadcast is available from this date. The interview included in the FM broadcast is available for listening and reading below, as well.

This concert was originally planned on March 4th, but it got postponed when another artist was also scheduled on that date. Instead, they performed on a Spanish TV show on March 4th.

There was no support act.

Interview audio

Interview transcript

Question 1: Aquí en España hay un autentico auge de la música inglesa, eso pasa en otros países? Vosotros los notáis, vendéis más de los que vendía ahora precisamente por esta moda que hay ahora de la música inglesa que está a la cabeza de la música pop-rock?

Translation Question 1: Here, in Spain there’s an authentic peak of English music, does this happen in other countries? Do you realize that you sell more than what you used to because of this English music trend that is on the top of pop-rock music?

Dave Gahan: Yeah, I think so. Generally, at the moment there is a lot of traditional music in the charts, they've gone a bit backwards, but we think it's just [because of] Christmas and all the traditional German songs come out and go into in the charts. But definitely Europe reflects, looks to England very much. The record is a big hit in England: number one is 'Tainted Love' [from] Soft Cell and it almost goes top ten in all of Europe.

Question 2: Y cómo está Inglaterra para los propios músicos? eh, ellos en general los grupos de música, por ejemplo aquí es muy difícil que un grupo pueda vivir de la música, los grupos nuevos los grupos que surgen, cómo está esto en Inglaterra? Tienen facilidades para hacer música y solo música?

Translation Question 2: And how’s England for their own musicians? In general, for music bands, for example, in here it’s very difficult that a band can live from their music, new bands, bands that emerge, how is this situation in England? do they have any facilities for making music and just music?

Dave Gahan: There a lot of [?] but I wouldn't say it's easy, really. There's a lot of competition, a lot more competition I would say in England than in any other country, for new bands and new styles. New things come out all the time and the big record companies all jump onto the new band that's hip at the moment and give them thousands of pounds to release a record, but our tape is hard. We was lucky that we was there at the right time, and everything was right, the feeling was right, and so I think that's why we've been successful.


  • Source 1 is an unknown generation FM broadcast of 5 songs and an interview. It is muffled sounding.