1982-03-24 Trinity Hall, Hamburg, Germany

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Andy Fletcher said in the November 1982 issue of One Two Testing magazine:

"The [synthesizers] Roland, Moog, PPG, they were all causing trouble. We had to hire another [Moog] Source and Danny [Miller] programmed it in 45 minutes before the gig started. And then when we went on stage there was a big crash and we thought the PPG had blown up. It was the PA - even that had gone wrong."

The technical problems were so severe that the first song of the concert, Shout, was restarted after the first attempt following a brief soundcheck.

Resident DJ Jens Lissat performed a DJ set after the concert.

Set list

  1. Shout (performed twice due to technical issues)
  2. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
  3. Boys Say Go!
  4. Puppets
  5. See You
  6. Big Muff
  7. Now, This Is Fun
  8. Ice Machine
  9. New Life
  10. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  11. The Meaning Of Love
  12. Just Can't Get Enough
  13. What's Your Name?
  14. Photographic
  15. Dreaming Of Me
  16. I Like It


  • Source 1 is a very good audience recording.
  • Source 2 is Jens Lissat's very good master audience recording.