1983-04-03 New Latin Quarter, Tokyo, Japan

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Depeche Mode played a 5PM and 8PM concert at this venue, which had a maximum of 300 people. There is a good, although rather muffled audience recording available of the 5PM concert. There were keyboard problems during See You; incorrect keyboard samples were played throughout the song.

Dave Gahan told No. 1 magazine for their May 21st 1983 issue, "The Japanese are weird [as well as the Thais]. They sit in total silence throughout the gig and then clap at the end. Very odd, but was lots of fun."

According to attendee Satoshi Iwase who attended the 8PM show, Kensho Onuki DJed before the show. The fan also reports that Daniel Miller was in attendance.[1]


Ticket scan credit to unknown.
  1. Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
  2. My Secret Garden
  3. See You
  4. Satellite
  5. New Life
  6. Boys Say Go!
  7. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  8. Big Muff
  9. Leave In Silence
  10. Shouldn't Have Done That
  11. Get The Balance Right
  12. The Meaning Of Love
  13. Just Can't Get Enough
  14. The Sun & The Rainfall
  15. Shout
  16. Photographic
  17. Dreaming Of Me


  • Source 1 is a good, though rather muffled audience recording of the 5PM concert.


  1. Thanks to Moto for translating this tweet for us.