1986-06-29 The Rock & Roll Alternative, KZEW 98 FM, Dallas, TX, USA

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George Gimarc interviews Andy Fletcher in Dallas on his The Rock and Roll Alternative show for KZEW FM. The show was aired every Sunday, but not every segment was probably live on the air: this interview with Andy is likely to have been on or around June 26th, when DM were playing 1986-06-26 Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth, TX, USA.

Andy mentions among other things that Depeche Mode were offered to play at the 12th edition of the World Festival of Youth and Students but they couldn't go because Dave Gahan was getting married on that particular day (August 3rd 1985).

The file was transferred and uploaded by 'joshuagraham12' on his Mixcloud account here. For the re-upload below, the stream has been downloaded from Mixcloud, converted to MP3 (128kbps), and the non-interview parts as well as the songs were removed.

  • Duration: 14:34 minutes.