1986-10-20 NRJ Radio, Paris, France

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during interview


On this day, the band did an interview for NRJ Radio, as well as 2 playback performances for Antenne 2's C'est encore mieux l'après-midi. Their day was reported (and photographed) by Salut Magazine, which can be viewed here. They also attended a party the night before called "5 ans de NRJ ("5 years of NRJ"), so that's why they might sound a bit drunk during the radio interview still.

  • Duration: 33:37 minutes



A fan named Stéphane Devillers transferred a poor-quality, incomplete version of this interview and uploaded it onto SoundCloud. DMLiveWiki received a superior recording of this interview and also and transferred it himself. Unfortunately, whoever recorded the latter version has overwritten some of the aired songs with the same songs from studio albums, and as a result, some seconds before and after some songs within this superior version were lost. Stéphane Devillers' poor-quality version had to be used to fill in those missing seconds. Thus, the upload above is mostly the superior version (converted into a 192kbps MP3 file) with some fragments of the poor-quality version in between.