1988-03-07 DT64 Jugendradio, East-Berlin, East-Germany

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Before their first concert in East Germany, Depeche Mode held a press conference at the Grand Hotel. East-German radio station DT64's Jugendradio ("Youth radio") division aired a some excerpts of the press conference right after the conference. Later that day, they also broadcast a Depeche Mode special in which they incorporated some other bits from the press conference as well as a separate interview with Martin Gore. 23 years later, DT64 uploaded both radio broadcasts on SoundCloud, which is from where these files have been taken. They also created a photo album on their Facebook page in which many press conference photos, concert photos, article pressings and other memorabilia from that day have been uploaded. Their interpreter at that time, Conny Rudat, wrote a nice retrospective about this event in English in 2009.

For the re-upload below, the songs have been omitted from the Depeche Mode special. Here is the tracklist of that special:

  1. Question Of Lust (Minimal)
  2. Strangelove (Maxi Mix)
  3. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Join Mix)
  4. People Are People (Live In Basel)
  5. Get The Balance Right
  6. Christmas Island (Extended)
  7. Route 66 (Casualty Mix)
  • Duration press conference report: 4:04 minutes
  • Duration Depeche Mode special: 14:50 out of 51:19 minutes

Audio press conference report

Audio Depeche Mode special

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