1988-06-19 Hitline USA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Hitline USA is a syndicated call-in talk show aired every Sunday night. On the day after the Rose Bowl concert, Martin and Fletch went down the Hitline studio and answered question from fans calling in. Support acts Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and Thomas Dolby did the same (but recordings are not included in this upload).

  • Duration: 16:51 minutes



  • Lineage: FM -> master cassette (unknown type) -> 1st generation cassette (Maxell UR-120) -> Sony TC-WE805S tape deck (no Dolby setting, azimuth adjusted) -> RCA to 3.5mm cable -> TASCAM DR-2d (line in @ 95 percent, 24/48) -> 16GB SD card -> USB -> in Adobe Audition CC: automatic phase correction (most accurate settings), normalized to -0.1dB and any DC offset removed -> WAV (24/48) -> FLAC level 8 (16/44) using foobar2000 v1.2.9, FLAC 1.3.0 64-bit, and Resampler (SoX), best quality
  • Generation: 1st
  • Taper: Emmett C / dmlive2k
  • Transfer: DMLiveWiki