1989-02-19 Cocktail, Radio Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

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Ulo Maasing from Radio Stockholm interviewed Alan Wilder on the programme Cocktail about why they recorded the 101 LP/video, how to make the sound of DM, what it meant for him to join the band in 1982, limitations in live performances, showing a new image of the group in the video 101, technical difficulties with the machines, the fact that DM is not being played on the radio and possible future problems with the band.

This interview was uploaded by YouTube user petzxy in two parts (part 1, part 2). He also wrote the info above and the translations below of Ulo's commentary in Swedish:

00:00 I asked Alan Wilder why they did this film and why they recorded the live LP, what does it add to the groups music?

02:16 Alan wilder is also the latest member in Depeche Mode, it was he who replaced Vince Clarke. Did he have at that time any idea how the entrance in the group would mean to him and his future?

06:25 The special sound, there is a special sound for Depeche Mode, it sounds like no other band, how did that arise I asked Alan Wilder who is the man behind the Depeche-sound at a very very high degree:

08:41 When we are continuing our talk with Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode...

10:12 And now we are returning to the film with Depeche Mode:

14:25 Alan Wilder in Depeche Mode about this megabands musical and other future:

17:25 And I ask him, does this attitude then explain the groups enormous success worldwide, despite the fact that almost no radiostations plays them, not in Sweden, not in USA for example?

  • Duration: 19:38 minutes


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