1990-03-1x NRJ Radio, Paris, France

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NRJ Radio was going to hold a 'Special Depeche Mode Day' in March 1990 for the then-new album 'Violator'. They asked Andy Fletcher to do an ID greeting over the phone. Andy was in New York in mid-March 1990 to do video- and photoshoots with Anton Corbijn for the new album, as well as interviews. Fletch can be heard saying: "[...] Depeche Mode. I'm sorry we can't be with you in Paris at the moment, but we're in New York in America, recording new videos for our album 'Violator'. You can hear this album on NRJ Radio on a 'Special Depeche Mode Day'. Love to all the fans, love from Depeche Mode." SoundCloud user DELTAFORCE70 ForTheMasses uploaded this recording on SoundCloud.

  • Duration: 00:51 minutes