1993-03-2x In conversation with Paul Gambaccini (2 parts), BBC Radio 1, London, UK

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A long interview with Depeche Mode and Paul Gambaccini: you may recognise parts of this interview, seeing as it was used, in much shorter form, for the EPK of Songs Of Faith And Devotion. A shortened version also appeared as a promo CD, called VERBONG1, of which you can read a transcript here. The EPK was released on the 27th of January 1993. All band members were interviewed separately: Andy was interviewed in his office somewhere in London, Martin was interviewed in a hotel room at the Portobello Hotel also in London, Alan Wilder was working on songs at Olympic Studios, and Dave was locked away in some kind of hidden sanctuary. Daniel Miller was interviewed as well. Part 1 was broadcast on the 20th, 2 days before the album release, and it premiered I Feel You and One Caress. Part 2 was aired on the 27th. For the upload below, the songs have been cut out, and the 2 parts have been merged into one.

  • Duration (with songs): 2:00:13
  • Duration (without songs): 1:07:55


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Transferred from first-gen tape by depeche-mode.com forum member Headstar1969 as 160kbps MP3.