1996-05-22 Metropolis, KCRW 89.9FM, Santa Monica, CA, USA

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Jason Bentley interviewed his friend Tim Simenon in Los Angeles on his show 'Metropolis'. Tim had just finished the second recording session with Depeche Mode for Ultra, and Jason asked him about this experience. Daniel "BRAT" Barassi recorded the excerpt of this interview in which Jason asks about Depeche Mode, and BRAT uploaded it on his fan-site here (where it can still be downloaded), a year before he became Depeche Mode's webmaster. We have transcribed the excerpt for you below.

  • Duration: 1:50 minutes



Jason Bentley: Next, we turn to my friend and producer Bomb The Bass, hello Tim Simenon, welcome to KCRW.

Tim Simenon: How, how are you doing.

Jason: Looking back on an extensive career that has involved Neneh Cherry, and Sinead O'Connor, and Depeche Mode, and David Bowie, and many others, was there any one point where it clicked for you and said "This is my career. I'm gonna be here as a producer, making records, and..."?

Tim: Yes, with Depeche Mode especially, because, as a teenager, I was a big fan, so me working with them now has kind of hit home.

Jason: Just to fill people in, you are currently producing Depeche Mode's record, which is due out and to be finished at the end of the year?

Tim: That's right. Well, it probably won't be out till the spring of next year, April/May [for] the album, and the single probably [in] January or February.

Jason: I wanna talk about the creative process with you. How do you address this? You walk in the room, okay, and there's Depeche Mode, and it's 10AM, or maybe it's later...

Tim: Much later.

Jason: Much later. And you say, "Okay, now, let's go." Does it work out to be something? Like, do you walk away from these situations with lifelong friends? Or is it very business-like, like "Okay, we've gotta finish this, let's do it", and then it's over?

Tim: No, it's really not, like, business-like at all. I mean, obviously there's always gonna be a schedule. But fortunately I'm in a position to being able to work with people I wanna work with. So it's always like a fairly relaxing atmosphere. And also, I think the actual partnership starts really in me hearing the songs first, and actually feeling that I can actually contribute something towards them. If that's not the case, I'll definitely pass on it. So everything I've worked on is something I was into.