1997-02-06 Naar Eer en Geweten, VPRO, Amstel Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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A conversation with all three members of Depeche Mode, at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, on the 6th of February 1997. The interviewer had a stack of cards with questions on them, and the artists would have to pick their own cards and answer the questions. Interviewer Leonieke Daalder: "I had never been at the Amstel Hotel before; an intimidating setting. The band was surrounded by all sorts of staff of the record companies from both the Netherlands and England. I hadn't expected it to be so grand: Depeche Mode is much more famous in the rest of the world than they ever have been in the Netherlands. The group did the interviews separately: Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher together in a room, Dave Gahan in another room. It didn't really work with Fletcher and Gore, but Gahan didn't need much persuasion."

This interview was aired on the 6th of February 1997. Then in 2003, VPRO uploaded all of their "Naar Eer en Geweten" interviews on their site as MP3 podcasts here (now a dead link). The interview with Fletch & Martin and with Dave have been merged into one file.

  • Duration: 34:35