1997-02-10 Fun Radio 101.9FM, Paris, France

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Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher, and Dave Gahan were in Max & Génie's studio in Paris on February 10th 1997 for an hour-long interview. Fans could call up the radio station and ask the band a question. Most of the questions are lighthearted (e.g. "What kind of underwear do you wear?"), so the interview is quite funny, and so is the last section where the host presents short snippets of DM songs to the band and the band has to answer which DM song is being played.

For the re-upload below, the songs have been cut out of the file, and the file has been converted from .FLAC to .MP3 format.

  • Duration: 57:21 minutes (out of 1:13:30 minutes)



Transferred from low-generation Maxell XL-II cassette tape on a JVC TD-V541 cassette deck by DMLiveWiki.