1997-05-13 House Of Blues, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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This was the world's first live internet video interview, conducted at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, hosted by Kevin &  Bean from KROQ. The interview coincided with the launch of Depeche Mode's official website Depechemode.com. The live chat was carried on LiveConcerts.com and HOB.com. The event smashed all existing records of the amount of users attending a live internet music-related broadcast. It may not contain much news but the band are in a very cheerful mood, so it's worth listening to.

The interview was streamed as RealVideo, so it was not downloadable for offline purposes (even though they joke about this video still being online in 25 years time). Luckily someone called 'Strangefan' recorded the audio and sent it to us. But if you have the video file of this interview, please contact us.

  • Duration: 30:36