1998-xx-xx Unknown, Denmark

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Martin and Fletch were being interviewed for a Danish radio station. The audio files of their answers were uploaded on the station's site, and a fan called 'Strangefan' had downloaded the files at the time. He has sent over these files to us, but no longer remembers any info on the radio station. The answers have been merged into one file. Here are the questions:

0:00: Martin's writing process

1:10: Favourite track on the compilation album? 

1:36: How did DM survive the Devotional tour?

1:49: The Singles 86-98: an emotional or commercial product?

2:52: Are you proud of the compilation? 

4:05: When did DM become good?

6:52: Why record in different countries?

7:43: Corbijn didn't design the sleeve; why?

8:21: Martin Gore's writing periods

8:45: Any bad songs on The Singles 86-98?

  • Duration: 08:58