2000-11-28 The Grand Prize 2000, Charles Cros Academy, Maison De La Radio, Paris, France

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Liquid was selected to receive a prestigious award - the Grand Prize 2000 - voted by the Charles Cros Academy. They are known to be very selective about the products and people they commend, with their criteria based around artistic creation, technological innovation and cultural industry. Each year focuses on different themes such as French song, Jazz, Contemporary etc. The ceremony took place at the Maison De La Radio in Paris on November 28th 2000 and, after an introduction by a local representative, Alan collected his award and made a short speech of his own. This file of Alan's speech was uploaded on Shunt.

Recoiline.free.fr made a transcript of it (corrected by Alan Wilder).

  • Duration: 00:38


Audio transcript

"The last award of the Grand Prix du Disque 2000, is given to Recoil for Liquid. I think Alan Wilder is here, Recoil.


And Eric Hauswald is going to present this album because lot of us here are, as I said, more used to Gregorian songs than techno - even though it's not techno - don't know much about Recoil, so it's a good way to know more about it."

Eric Hauswald: "I'd like to be brief and relevant. Alan Wilder is the soul of the band called Recoil. Alan Wilder has come especially from England today. I simply wanted to say that the Charles Cros Academy awards a musician who knew how to take the best of modern technologies without losing a human feeling to his music. His last album - Liquid, makes us enter into deep and dense universe ,warm and cold at the same time, where contemporary sounds are merged in a wonderful way with amazing voices so beautiful. While listening to this album, we feel like we're listening to a movie soundtrack, and not only songs following each other, as good as they can be. Far away from the formatted show business productions Alan Wilder who's here among us show us a music which is rich and innovator and who's already a music of the 21st century. Finally, the artistic realisation that comes out from this album, puts Liquid as one of the best and most wonderful production of the moment, it's also the quality of the sound that we want to greet, because it's an important part of an artwork, at the same level as composition, lyrics and and arrangements. Thank you."

Alan Wilder: "Just a very quick thank you to the Academy and to say that it does restore your faith sometimes when you feel like giving up and becoming a builder or something. I just want to say thank you to the collaborators on the record who helped me realize some of my experiments. They are; Diamanda Galas and spoken word artists Nicole Blackman, Samantha Coerbell and Rosa Torras. And I'd especially like to say thank you to my wife, who 'cracks the whip' as they say, and helps me keep going. Thank you very much."