2001-06-11 Colisee Pepsi Arena, Quebec City, QC, Canada

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Allegedly, Martin started singing the middle part of I Feel Loved too late; Andrew made mistakes while playing the keyboard on Never Let Me Down Again and Personal Jesus.

Here is the diary entry from depechemode.com:

June 7th:

We got into Quebec City at about 11:30 PM and began rehearsals Friday [June 8th] at the venue - Colisee Pepsi. It is so amazing to see everything up and working after so much preparation. It is also so different hearing the guys perform in a large venue rather than the tiny studio they were previously practicing in up in Santa Barbara.

On Saturday, there were some interviews with Canadian press that went very well - a couple of daily papers along with some TVs. We also had 6 contest winners from 3 different radio stations come and meet the band, then stay for 30 minutes of the rehearsal. They all seemed to enjoy it and were able to take part in a very special event.

June 10th:

Tonight we had a dress rehearsal, which was fun because the guys wore what they are going to wear for the first show, and the set went along with no stops. They sounded amazing and the lights and projections looked great. We are all very excited for the first show on Monday.

June 12th:

The show went very well last night, but there were a few mishaps with the projections. For It's No Good, the projection was not put up in time, so the audience was not able to see Anton's work. Jordan (backup singer) also had some problems hearing herself, but that is why we had these first few shows, to fix those problems and make everything perfect! Though the venue was not completely sold out, the crowd was amazing and very into it. During Never Let Me Down Again, they went crazy and sang along to every word.

Afterwards, some people came back to the "Pub" as we call it - the hang out room at the venue. Of course there is table football in there as well as a ping pong table. The guys were very happy with the show and it made them excited for more to come.

This afternoon we took our plane to Ottawa - our first time on the new plane that we are going to have for the US leg of the tour. Let me tell you, it is a pretty nice one and one that I think we all will be very comfortable on!

Tomorrow we have our show in Ottawa, so I need to start organizing some things for that. Will write more later...

Author: "BRAT"

Poe was the support act.

Set list

  1. Easy Tiger - Dream On (Intro)
  2. The Dead Of Night
  3. The Sweetest Condition
  4. Halo
  5. Walking In My Shoes
  6. Dream On
  7. When The Body Speaks
  8. Waiting For The Night
  9. The Bottom Line (*)
  10. Breathe (*)
  11. Freelove
  12. Enjoy The Silence
  13. I Feel You
  14. In Your Room
  15. It's No Good
  16. I Feel Loved
  17. Personal Jesus
  18. Home (*)
  19. Clean
  20. Black Celebration
  21. Never Let Me Down Again