2001-07-09 Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA, USA

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Here is the diary entry from DepecheMode.com:

So tonight I am in Atlanta and the guys are singing I Feel You. The meet and greet went well though a storm came in during the middle of it. The weather around here is so crazy - with it being beautiful and sunny one second, then thundering and lightening the next. It is also so humid that no matter what, you start sweating immediately - hate that!

We are doing a runner tonight - leaving immediately after the show. I LOVE those because that means we do not have to hang out at the venue and waste time, but rather get on our way to the next city. Another great part about them is that there is always a HUGE Indian feast on the plane before we take off. So the guys come off the stage, we leave the venue, then eat as much as possible once on the plane before we take off. And I wonder why I am gaining weight!


Last nights runner went well. Most of the time we get police escorts which is so cool, but they never do more than just turn on the sirens and lead the way. The one last night was a bit scary because they blocked off the opposite side of the road, so we crossed the divider for several feet while they stopped the oncoming traffic. When you have those escorts, it always makes you feel quite important. I mean you'd think we were the president or something they way they rush us out of the venues and off to the airport. I do enjoy them though I must say!

Author: Brat

According to now-defunct DMHotwire.de, the concert was filmed with two cameras.

Poe was the support act.

Set list

  1. Easy Tiger - Dream On (Intro)
  2. The Dead Of Night
  3. The Sweetest Condition
  4. Halo
  5. Walking In My Shoes
  6. Dream On
  7. When The Body Speaks
  8. Waiting For The Night
  9. The Bottom Line (*)
  10. Breathe (*)
  11. Freelove
  12. Enjoy The Silence
  13. I Feel You
  14. In Your Room
  15. It's No Good
  16. I Feel Loved
  17. Personal Jesus
  18. Home (*)
  19. Clean
  20. Black Celebration
  21. Never Let Me Down Again