2005-10-10 Radio Deejay, Milan, Italy

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When Depeche Mode went to Milan on September 11th, 2005, to perform on a Italian TV show, they were also interviewed by DJ Nikki for Radio Deejay. Italian fan Angela Spadola has uploaded the entire interview on her site Freeangel.it.

The first segment is a radio promo for Depeche Mode, the second segment is DJ Nikki performing an acoustic version of Just Can't Get Enough, and then there's the interview with the band in the studio at the radio station. They discuss recording 'Playing The Angel' in three different cities, the meaning of John The Revelator, bands that have influenced DM and bands that have been influenced by DM, Dave's relation to Martin's songs, Dave's habits at the supermarket, Dave's songs and lyrics in general, the music and shopping for Martin's DJ set, Dave's career as a stylist before Depeche Mode, and the 'A Pain That I'm Used To' videoshoot in Paris.

  • Duration: 45:02 minutes