2006-02-04 Tony Garnier, Lyon, France/Source 1

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A very good audience recording. This recording has been cleaned up a bit. Original sharer's notes from DIME:

"This was first seeded by the taper some months ago on the Dime. While it was good sounding for the most part, there was some source issues, which the taper was up front about. He had done mastering work to removed some of the glitches, as well as optimized the sound.

Using CoolEdit 2000, I further removed more glitches, as well as low level clicks that were passed over the first time around. The only remaining problem are a few short patches that are rough sounding, and are related to the master recording, and not any digital extraction/copying issues. My hope is that this good sounding recording can now be enjoyed more fully, especially by those of us who tend to pick up on the small glitches and let that get in the way of the listening experience."


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list


  1. [1:35] Play Intro
  2. [4:22] Play A Pain That I'm Used To
  3. [3:34] Play John The Revelator
  4. [4:35] Play A Question Of Time
  5. [5:15] Play Policy Of Truth
  6. [4:38] Play Precious
  7. [6:35] Play Walking In My Shoes
  8. [3:57] Play Suffer Well
  9. [3:53] Play Damaged People (*)
  10. [6:04] Play Home (*)
  11. [4:49] Play I Want It All
  12. [5:06] Play The Sinner In Me


  1. [7:04] Play I Feel You
  2. [5:20] Play Behind The Wheel
  3. [5:15] Play World In My Eyes
  4. [5:56] Play Personal Jesus
  5. [9:32] Play Enjoy The Silence
  6. [5:06] Play Shake The Disease (*)
  7. [4:32] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  8. [8:40] Play Everything Counts
  9. [6:56] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  10. [4:53] Play Goodnight Lovers
  • Total time: 1:57:37


  • Core Sound Binaurals -> Sony PCM-M1 (44.1khz) -> Terratec DMX6Fire Lite (optical in) -> mastering/editing (removed some of the diginoise and glitches that appeared on the master DAT) -> WAV -> FLAC (level 8 encoding) -> FLAC Frontend -> WAV -> CoolEdit2000 (removed most of the rest of the diginoise, moved up CUE points) -> Nero -> CD-R -> unknown ripping method -> FLAC level 8
  • Taper: unknown