2006-05-10 Starlight Amphitheater, Kansas City, MO, USA/Source 1

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During this concert, Dave did not return to the stage after Martin's two songs in the middle of the set. The band started playing "In Your Room", but stopped it after a few seconds. Martin goes on to play Leave In Silence. Fletch speaks after the song is complete and announces that that they'll continue on with the show and Dave is okay, and fan reaction around the taper is negative, to say the least. Martin then goes on to play another three tracks, but the taper has to use the bathroom after Somebody and thus records only a few seconds of Damaged People.

This concert was presumably recorded by Live Here Now, but the recording was never released, again presumably due to Dave leaving the stage. If anybody has any other sort of recording from this concert, please share!

As for the quality of this recording, it's from a camera's built-in audio, so it doesn't sound the greatest. It is mono and has a 12khz sampling rate; nonetheless, it is lossless.

The audio is muffled and bass is generally distorted, but it is still listenable. There is some excessive chatter by the people around the taper (or even the taper himself), but that can be expected in such an event.

The video footage this audio is from is available at Source 2.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [3:00] Play Leave In Silence (*)
  2. [3:20] Play Fletch Speaks
  3. [5:31] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  4. [5:47] Play Somebody (*)
  5. [0:09] Play Damaged People (*)
  • Total time: 17:47


  • unknown camera -> .mov containing PCM MU-LAW audio (16-bit 12KHz audio) -> demuxed audio -> tracks split by cuesheet -> FLAC level 8
  • Taper: Oklamode