2007-10-25 Avatar Studios, NYC, NY, USA

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In the week of the release of 'Hourglass', Dave did many interviews and promotional events. One of them was this highly intimate gig. G Rock Radio held a contest where fans could send in their best questions for Dave Gahan. Twelve winners and their guests got to go to an undisclosed location to ask these questions to Dave Gahan as a Q&A. When they arrived at the studio they found out they were also getting a surprise: a live performance of Dave Gahan's new album, 'Hourglass', in addition to asking Dave questions in a Q&A session afterward.

There is only this short fan video recording of Miracles online as well as a video report by the G Rock Radio:

The Q & A can be watched in three parts: here, here, and here.

Band line-up:

  • Dave Gahan: Vocals
  • Christian Eigner: Drums
  • Martyn LeNoble: Bass
  • Graham Finn: Guitar
  • Andrew Phillpott: Keys & sequences
  • Kurt Uenala: Roland SH101

Set list

  1. Saw Something
  2. Kingdom
  3. Deeper And Deeper
  4. Use You
  5. Endless
  6. A Little Lie
  7. Miracles