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In a long promo interview in September 2007, Dave Gahan was asked about every song off 'Hourglass' including this one:

"'Use You' is like you know, in the same camp as 'Deeper and Deeper'. You know, I don't have the luxury of, to get ideas as a writer from you know, the time when you, after you, the hangover, the drug induced ideas. Um, I certainly can draw on past experience but like, I have to try and sit and think about what it is I'm using now to avoid being me, or to avoid being honest about the way I feel, and quite often that's people, you know er, so er in a good way and in a bad way."

He also said in the press release for 'Hourglass':

"It's very sleazy. It's about my disgust with people, myself, disgust with my arrogance and my self-sabotaging behavior. I wanna use something, I wanna use life to escape. I think it comes from being made to go to Sunday school when I was a kid. I heard it loud and clear, that we're all sinners."

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There are currently 2 recordings of Use You available.

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Use You has been performed 5 times.