2007-10-2x Interface, Spinner.com, AOL Studios, New York, NY, USA/Source 1

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Watchable quality videos of performances of 7 songs at AOL Studios in New York that were recorded the week of October 22nd, then uploaded November 15th to Spinner.com (now defunct).

The video is about the size of a postage stamp and it's a choppy 15 frames per second. The audio is encoded at a paltry 96kbps MP3, but it's surprisingly good sounding regardless, definitely able to be listened to enjoyably.

I'm hoping since the quality is really not bad that these are the original FLV videos. I attempted to use archive.org to download the original FLV videos, but the way the website used an embedded Flash Player did not expose the original FLV file URLs and archive.org did not capture them at the time of scraping. So we just have to hope that these are truly the original FLV files.

The audio demuxed from these videos is available at Source 2.


Because the original video files are FLV, a stream cannot be offered at this time. DM Live apologizes for any inconvenience.

Track list

  1. [5:30] Saw Something
  2. [4:47] Kingdom
  3. [4:26] Deeper And Deeper
  4. [4:59] Use You
  5. [5:33] Endless
  6. [5:01] A Little Lie
  7. [3:38] Miracles
  • Total time: 33:53


  • FLV video files posted on Spinner.com website (archive.org link)
  • Video specifications: VP6 video codec, 400x300 4:3, 15FPS
  • Audio specifications: MP3 96kbps 44.1khz