2009-04-15 Tropical Pizza, Radio Deejay, Milan, Italy

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DM and DJ Nikki
Dave and DJ Nikki


Depeche Mode spent the last two days of February 2009 in Milan to do promotion work there. On the 27th, they went to the Hyatt hotel for a press conference, and then they went to the studios of Radio Deejay. There, they did a 30-minute live interview for 2009-02-27 Deejay Chiama Italia, Radio Deejay, Milan, Italy. Afterwards, they joined DJ Nikki in his studio for his radio show Tropical Pizza. This interview was not aired until April 15th. The station uploaded it on their site both in audio as well as in video format, but only the audio version is still online (we have saved the video too, though).

  • Duration: 6:08 minutes