2015-10-21 WFUV Session, MSR Studios, New York City, NY, USA/Source 2

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Three out of six songs performed of this radio session are available to watch on WFUV's site. This torrent contains captures of the 1080p versions.

Please note that I combined the highest bitrate 1080p video (which apparently only seemed to be available on the first day of the upload) and the highest quality 192kbps AAC audio from the 720p stream to yield the highest possible quality of these videos.

Six songs plus an interview were performed in total; the entire audio of the session can be streamed & downloaded at Source 1.


These are 1080p videos currently on YouTube. Note that the torrent download will have slightly improved video and audio quality than any version currently on YouTube.

Track list

  1. [3:43] Shine
  2. [4:22] Tempted
  3. [4:12] Take Me Back Home
  • Total time: 12:18


  • WFUV YouTube uploads of videos -> youtubedl (downloaded 1080p ~3500bitrate video + 720p MP4 for 192kbps AAC audio) -> muxed 1080p H264 + 192kbps AAC using Yamb -> M4V files
  • Video specifications: 1920x1080 H264 23.97 FPS ~3500kbps bitrate
  • Audio specifications: 192kbps AAC / LC 44.1khz