2015-10-21 WFUV Session, MSR Studios, New York City, NY, USA/Source 1

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A great sounding webstream. Other than the relatively low bitrate audio, there isn't anything to complain about here.

The streams below have not been re-encoded; these are the same 128kbps MP3 files you can download in the archive.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [0:36] Play Intro
  2. [4:02] Play Shine
  3. [4:25] Play Tempted
  4. [4:15] Play The Last Time
  5. [8:03] Play Interview
  6. [4:43] Play Just Try
  7. [4:00] Play Take Me Back Home
  8. [4:24] Play Kingdom
  9. [0:36] Play Outro
  • Total time: 35:03