2015-11-02 La Cigale, Paris, France

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Dave Gahan talked about this concert afterwards in a few radio interviews. To Radio Deejay, he said "[...] Two nights ago at La Cigale in Paris, in the Pigalle, which is this little theatre with a lot of history, I think it was for me, and for the other guys - we talked afterwards - a very, very special performance, and I think I was maybe at my best. And at the end of the show, after we finished the Soulsavers songs, we did a couple of songs people know, and we did a version of Condemnation which went on for ten minutes, which I think was the best I've ever, ever sung that song. I felt so deep inside my soul. It was cool." To Radio Capital, he said "We did a show in Paris a couple of nights ago: I honestly never felt that kind of connected to something. And it's the music, and the musicians [causing that]."

In March 2017, Dave brought up this concert again in an interview for HUMO (translated from Dutch): "With the last Soulsavers record, we played a few small shows. One of them was in Paris, in La Cigale, near Place Pigalle. There were nine musicians on stage: some of them I knew well, others not so much - like Duke Garwood, who was playing guitar. At one moment - I forgot during which song - we all stood there, staring at each other. Simply being blissfully happy. When we walked off the stage, no one said anything. We knew we had experienced something that... which... pff, I can't even explain it. Very, very rarely, a band will feel completely connected to one another, and then you'll be completely into the music. In these almost 40 years that I've been singing, I must have experienced it maybe ten times. It's a power that's bigger than anything I've ever felt. Some people call it God, I guess."

Interviews done with Dave while in Paris:


Set list

Credit to unknown.
  1. In The Morning
  2. Shine
  3. You Owe Me
  4. Tempted
  5. Tonight
  6. All Of This And Nothing
  7. Presence Of God
  8. Just Try
  9. Don't Cry
  10. The Last Time
  11. Take Me Back Home
  12. My Sun
  13. Kingdom
  14. Dirty Sticky Floors
  15. Condemnation
  16. Walking In My Shoes


  • Source 1 is a good audience recording taped using an iPhone 6S Plus by Ojacques and Morphine1977.