Dirty Sticky Floors

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Dave Gahan said in the Electronic Press Kit for 'Paper Monsters':

"'Dirty Sticky Floors' is the whole lifestyle that I was drawn into. That whole kind of rock star cliché, as it is, it was a lot of fun for some time and then it wasn't any more, so out of the ashes of that came 'Dirty Sticky Floors' which really was a piss-take of myself and the sort of whole glamorous side of – it's not really glamorous at all – but that whole culture of the rock and roll star that gets drunk, gets high, and falls on his face and usually ends up on some dirty sticky floor – be it your own or somebody else's I wanted to just sort of put some fun into that – and not be a song about the pain of addiction. As painful as it is, if you are lucky enough to come out the other side like I have, and get enough perspective on it, and some space from it, you can see how ridiculous it is, especially when you choose it. And I definitely chose it."

Dave also told VH1:

"The song is all about the so-called glamorous side of Rock 'n' Roll, and ending up on some dirty sticky floor every single night, some god-awful toilet in some club or - most of the time - my own dirty sticky floor in my own bathroom. But I wanted to poke fun at the whole side of Rock 'n' Roll and have fun with it, even though the lyrics represent a true part of my life at that time. The tin man and the lion character [of The Wizard Of Oz] were two huge dolls I had in my apartment in Santa Monica. I had burnt out all my friends and these two dolls used to keep me company. On any given night, they would start talking to me. Suffice to say, they didn't last."

Dates with available recordings of Dirty Sticky Floors

There are currently 12 recordings of Dirty Sticky Floors available.

Dates where Dirty Sticky Floors was played

2003 Paper Monsters Tour (Dave Gahan solo)

Dirty Sticky Floors was played 74 times during this tour.

2015 "Angels & Ghosts" Tour

Dirty Sticky Floors was played 7 times during this tour.