2017-03-23 Baselworld, Basel, Switzerland

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This concert took place at Baselworld: 'The Watch and Jewellery Show', a fair for watches including Hublot, with whom Depeche Mode will partner up for the third time. There were about 200 individuals in attendance of this concert, comprised of attendees of the watch fair as well as Depeche Mode fans who had won tickets through Swiss media Basler Zeitung and SRF Radio. This concert was only announced on March 21st through these two media. The concert started around 22:20 and ended at around 23:00 local time.

The next day, Depeche Mode and Hublot and Charity:water held a 15-minute press conference at the same venue, and announced their partnership for the next tour to raise money for Charity:water. When asked why they performed there the night before, Martin Gore stated: "[...] We don't play corporate gigs. We came here for the charity-aspect."


Set list

Credit to Britta Für.
  1. A Pain That I'm Used To
  2. World In My Eyes
  3. Cover Me
  4. Where's The Revolution
  5. Walking In My Shoes
  6. Enjoy The Silence
  7. Personal Jesus

Set list info obtained from the Home forum.