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Martin Gore told Trackrecord.net:

"“Where’s the Revolution” was written at some point in 2015. I think, there was a sense of things going wrong and the world wasn’t in a great place then. That was pre-Brexit, but you know there were awful problems going on. The Syrian crisis had been dragging on for years... I live in America, and around that time there were blacks getting shot on a kind of weekly basis by the police and rioting, you know—the whole Middle East, is just a big mess. I can’t believe the West has sat back and watched Syria get worse and worse and worse. It’s a very difficult problem to solve, especially when the Russians and the rest of the world are on different pages, but you know on a humanitarian level it’s just—I can’t believe people can sit back and let it happen."

Martin and Dave told Amazon:

Dave Gahan: "It always felt like, right from when I heard the demo of 'Where's The Revolution', it seemed like the obvious single. It's kind of got this hook. But what was interesting to me about it was the lyrical content. I liked the way the songs kind of points the finger at everybody else and asking the question 'Where is it?' And it also slides into the title of the album, 'Spirit'. To me, that revolution comes from within. I don't know if Martin wrote the song with that in mind, but I head the song this way, like, 'Where is the revolution?' It comes from each of us, it comes from within, it takes guts, it's like a call to arms or something. And it's also scattered with this sort of imagery of all these sort of failed idealistic Marxism, the big business, the band, all these ideas of these things that we follow and latch ourselves onto, but we know what's right within. One of the essences in life is choice: we do have a choice in what we do in the end, and they can be bad choices."

Martin Gore: "It's always good if you have a track that kind of sums up the album, and it's even better if that song is hymnistic, and it's kind of powerful. So fortunately this time around we had 'Where's The Revolution'. We felt that was a great statement to make and should definitely be the first track to be released to bring us back with a statement. I think that if the album had been released months ago, we probably would have gone with that as the first single, because it is representative and powerful like I said."

Martin Gore also told Radio Eins in 2017:

"It was one of the first songs that I wrote for the album [Spirit] that kind of started this social commentary."

Dave Gahan told Rolling Stone:

"Martin wrote [this song] in a very sarcastic, English way."

Depeche Mode have said in interviews (like during the 2016 press conference) that producer James Ford taught himself to play Martin's pedal steel guitar within one day while in the studio, and thus this guitar was used in some songs including 'Where's The Revolution'.

Dates with available recordings of Where's The Revolution

There are currently 31 recordings of Where's The Revolution available.

Dates where Where's The Revolution was played

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

Where's The Revolution was played 124 times during this tour.