2017-03-31 Skavlan, SVT1, Stockholm, Sweden

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Depeche Mode were a guest on Fredrik Skavlan's show 'Skavlan'. The episode was recorded at ITV's London Studios on March 30th. Other guests on this episode were Yuval Harari, Pamela Anderson, and Ricky Gervais, the latter of whom also stayed seated when Skavlan interviewed Depeche Mode and thus took part in the conversation. Depeche Mode also performed 'Where's The Revolution'.

Fan Simon Sanders attended this episode's recording, and he revealed that Depeche Mode performed 'Where's The Revolution' at the very beginning of the recording, even though it is shown at the end of the episode. After performing it once, the floor manager asked the band to do one more take, and Dave said "One's never enough, is it!" Simon recorded the second take of the song performance, which he uploaded on YouTube. Skavlan's broadcast version of the performance, which has been put on svtplay.se where it can only be viewed for a month, seems to mostly differ from Simon's recording, so the broadcast version must be mainly the first take.

Simon also recorded most of the interview, and uploaded it here on YouTube. The broadcast showed a shortened version of the interview. Simon's recording also showed that Depeche Mode was too slow in stepping off the stage, and so they had to re-do the "leaving the stage" part. Skavlan uploaded the broadcast version of the interview here on YouTube.

Set list

  1. Where's The Revolution