2018-02-12 Mystery Language with EMA, Red Bull Radio, New York, NY, USA

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Musician EMA, real name Erika M. Anderson, was asked by Depeche Mode to be a support act for them for nine concerts, from 2018-01-17 Berlin up until 2018-02-04 Vienna. Martin Gore had already liked EMA's music for a few years, and he had put her song 'Satellites' in a BBC Radio guest mix in March 2015. When Martin Gore was asked in the 2017-12-20 issue of Q Magazine what he thought the "The Best Thing I've Heard All Year" was, he replied: "Exile In The Outer Ring by EMA. I loved her last album, The Future's Void, and I've been really getting into this one. It's a bit harder to get into but I do like it. She's got something about her, it almost reminds me of Iggy Pop around the time of The Idiot or Lust For Life. There's an 'I don't care' attitude to her that I really like." In the 2017-12-22 issue of Berliner Zeitung, EMA says (translated from German): "I heard that Martin Gore picks the support acts himself. If that is true, then I would really like to know which songs of mine he likes most. How can this happen to me, of all people? If Depeche Mode were looking for somebody that fits them perfectly, they would choose someone else! [...] Maybe I should play so loudly that none of the fans yelling "booooo" can be heard."

EMA also has a radio show on Red Bull Radio called 'Mystery Language with EMA', and she decided to document her trip for an episode of her show, naming it 'On the Road with Depeche Mode'. She not only describes and interviews her interactions with her own crew members and her own headlining concerts, but also recounts her experiences as DM's support act and her meetings with DM's band and crew members. She includes short interviews with Martin Gore, Christian Eigner, Peter Gordeno, and Jez Webb recorded at the backstage parties. Furthermore, her piano player Brent Knopf explains why he thinks DM's use of minor keys in songs makes them so genius. EMA's episode could be listened to on her site for 29 days. We have isolated the parts of the episode that pertain to her experiences as DM's support act, thus leaving out her experiences with regards to her own headlining gigs and own crew members. We also left out the songs that she added in the episode.

She also presents an audio clip that Dave Gahan sent her via email after the show in Prague, which is a recording of Dave playing her song 'Blood & Chalk' from what sounds like a small speaker, and then playing guitar over it. On her site, she names this clip 'Blood & Chalk (Dave Gahan Guitar Overdub)'. We have cut out this recording from the episode as well and uploaded it below.

Update: in June 2018, she interviewed Martin Gore and Peter Gordeno at her studio. To listen to that interview, go here.

  • Duration: 32:50 minutes (out of 2:00:00 minutes)


'On the Road with Depeche Mode' (cut)

EMA - Blood & Chalk (Dave Gahan Guitar Overdub)