2018-06-11 Mystery Language with EMA, Red Bull Radio, New York, NY, USA

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Depeche Mode have asked EMA, real name Erika M. Anderson, to be their support act for the second time during their 'Global Spirit Tour'. On June 5th 2018, a day before Depeche Mode's concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Martin Gore and Peter Gordeno stopped by Red Bull Radio in Chelsea, NYC, to be on EMA's radio show 'Mystery Language'. They talk about the highs and lows of back when Martin Gore used to get drunk every night, about Peter Gordeno's father, about how Martin started songwriting, about the future of music, about current political affairs, and about Charity:Water.

Tabloid Daily Star has transcribed two anecdotes shared by Peter:

"[In 2001, w]e were going down this swamp and obviously all the alligators are around the boat and everything. I was just chatting to Martin and I looked away and by the time I looked back he'd sort of stood up and his eyes were kind of rolling around in his head a little bit. He then had what I later found out was a seizure. He fell to the floor and started writhing around and luckily there was a Depeche Mode fan who was there who was like a marine or something and had medical training. He jumped over, got Martin on his side and he came through it. He could have fallen backwards into a swamp full of alligators, which would have been a spectacular rock and roll death."


"I remember there's a hotel in London that I know Martin stayed at. The next time I went into this hotel I noticed a no-nudity policy. It might have nothing to do with him, it could be a coincidence, I'm just putting it out there."

This episode was made available to listen on Redbullradio.com for 29 days. For the re-upload below, the songs have been removed.

EMA also did a tour report and backstage interviews in February 2018 when she was Depeche Mode's support act for the first time. To read more about why Martin likes EMA's music and to listen to her tour report, go here.

  • Duration: 43:07 minutes (out of 2:00:00 minutes)