2021-10-07 Feedback, Sirius XM, NYC, USA

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The day before the airing, Lori Majewski interviewed Dave Gahan over Zoom to ask about his upcoming Soulsavers album, 'The Imposter'. A small portion of this interview was also uploaded on Twitter and on Facebook in video format. In that portion, Dave says the following after Lori informs him that Martin Gore and former tour manager Michael Pagnotta would play James Carr's The Dark End Of The Street every night in Martin's hotel room after a concert:

"Funny enough, I didn't know it was one of Martin's favorite songs too. It was just, that was totally coincidental. He told me that after I sent him a copy of The Impostor, about a year ago, when we had finished. I made a copy of of our mixed album and I sent it to Martin and he liked it really a lot, and he said to me, "Did you know that Dark End of Street was one of my favourite songs?" And I said, no, I had no clue. I never went back to his particular room with Michael [Pagnotta] that night. I remember the tour and of course, Dark End of the Street, in that particular muscle shows kind feel and version. You know, that's what we were trying to achieve with Songs of Faith and Devotion. We were, you know, we were trying to make a record that felt like performances and had blues and gospel influences to it. And so for me Dark End of the Street would have to be the opener for this particular record. Because it feels to me like it's the it's the opener in a in a show as well. It's like, that's the song I would like. And if we get to do some performances which I think's gonna happen of Impostor for sure, we will be performing the record as it plays out. As you hear it right now that's what will be The Impostor. It'll be in order."

This interview was downloaded from player.siriusxm.com as a .ts file, and cut and converted into a .mp3 file, made available below. Lori re-aired the interview on November 13th on her other show 'Lust For Lists', and despite it being slightly shorter than the first airing, it contains a personal statement from Lori to Dave, saying that she's about to go to hair salon Marie Robinson later that day, to which he says, "Oh okay, well enjoy it in there, I go there still." That ending has been added to the file below.

  • Duration: 19:48 minutes


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