2023-02-16 BBC Radio 2's Piano Room, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, England, UK/Source 1

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Excellent quality pro-shot video of a unique performance incorporating the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Sundown is a cover of the Gordon Lightfoot song.

Audio of this performance, including interviews not seen on this video, is available at Source 2.


You can watch this entire recording below. The embed below is set to a smaller size to avoid taking up the whole page; be sure to expand to full screen for best quality.

Track list

  1. [0:27] Intro
  2. [5:44] Walking In My Shoes
  3. [3:46] Ghosts Again
  4. [3:30] Sundown
  • Total time: 13:26


  • 1080p stream capture from the BBC website using yt-dlp -> MP4 file -> MKVToolNix to add chapters -> MKV file (no re-encoding) -> MP4 file (LosslessCut; no re-encoding)
  • Capture: FpmiP
  • Video specifications: 1920x1080 50FPS AVC, 9,209kb/s bitrate
  • Audio specifications: 128kbps 48khz AAC-LC