2023-02-16 BBC Radio 2's Piano Room, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, England, UK/Source 2

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A brilliant soundboard recording of a unique performance incorporating the BBC Concert Orchestra. This is a direct capture of the BBC Sounds webstream with no re-encoding performed.

Sundown is a cover of the Gordon Lightfoot song.

Video of the three songs, minus the interviews, is available at Source 1.

The streams below have not been re-encoded; these are the same 320kbps M4A files you can download in the archive.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [1:49] Play Intro
  2. [5:43] Play Walking In My Shoes
  3. [6:46] Play Interview
  4. [3:45] Play Ghosts Again
  5. [4:13] Play Interview
  6. [3:21] Play Sundown
  7. [0:14] Play Outro
  • Total time: 25:51


  • BBC Sounds webstream capture using yt-dlp -> 320kbps 48khz M4A file captured -> split into tracks by MKVToolNix -> MKA files -> MKVCleaver to demux AAC -> ffmpeg (AAC to M4A) -> foobar2000 (tagging)
  • Capture: FpmiP
  • Audio specifications: 320kbps 48khz AAC-LC