2023-02-19 Alte Kongresshalle, Munich, Germany

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Depeche Mode performed a "secret" 30-minute concert at Alte Kongresshalle for 400 fans who won a radio contest.[1] There was also a 30-minute interview with Dave and Martin after the concert, conducted by Marcus Fahn.

Fans were reportedly unable to bring smartphones to the concert. Despite this, a poor quality audience recording surfaced following the concert. Portions of 'Ghosts Again' and 'Personal Jesus' were broadcast by Bayern 1 Radio on 20 February 2023,[2] and on 23 February 2023, 'Precious', 'Personal Jesus', and 'Ghosts Again' were available for on-demand streaming on Bayern 1's "Live & Unplugged" program, unfortunately with an interviewee speaking over the beginning of 'Personal Jesus'.[3]

Both 'Wagging Tongue' and 'My Favourite Stranger' had to be restarted.


An anonymous fan recorded this event using a GoPro Hero in their jacket pocket. The concert recording came out heavily distorted with crackling sounds throughout, and unfortunately is unusable as a result - however, the quality approximately matches Source 2.

However, the interview with Marcus Fahn following the concert was also recorded, and is listenable, though somewhat muffled. The crowd applause tends to drown out speech from time to time as well. The audio was recorded as dual-mono 128kbps AAC. The audio was adjusted to some extent in Audacity for better listening: bass cut, noise reduction -6dB to try to reduce some hiss without introducing horrendous artifacts, "level speech" Nyquist plugin at 80% leveling amount, normalized to -0.1dB and any DC offset removed, exported to FLAC 16/48, and finally re-encoded to M4A 128kbps for streaming on the wiki.

The first 5 minutes and 30 seconds consist of an introduction by Marcus Fahn and is in German. The remainder of the interview with Dave & Martin is in English.

Listen to the interview audio:

Many thanks to the anonymous fan for recording this event and generously sharing the audio.

Set list

  1. Ghosts Again
  2. Wagging Tongue
  3. My Favourite Stranger
  4. Precious
  5. Personal Jesus