Wagging Tongue

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1. My Cosmos Is Mine
2. Wagging Tongue
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3. Ghosts Again
Wagging Tongue
Song Wagging Tongue
By Depeche Mode
Songwriter Dave Gahan
Martin L. Gore
Produced by James Ford
Marta Salogni
Recorded at Electric Ladyboy (Santa Barbara)
Shangri-La (Malibu)
Length (mm:ss) 3:25
Tempo 100 BPM
Time signature 4
Key A♭ Major
Programmed by James Ford
Marta Salogni
Engineered by Marta Salogni
Engineering assistance Francine Perry
Grace Banks
Mixed by Marta Salogni
Mix engineering Marta Salogni
Mixed at Studio Zona (London)
Mastering engineer Matt Colton
Keyboards James Ford
Art direction Anton Corbijn
Recorded July–October 2022
Originally released 24 March 2023
7 July 2023 ("release")
Live performances as Depeche Mode 98 times *
Total live performances 98 times *

"Wagging Tongue" is a song from the 2023 album Memento Mori by Depeche Mode. On 7 July 2023, it became the third "release" from the album according to the official website's discography section.


Dave Gahan told Le Journal Du Dimanche:

"I composed it on my guitar, Martin enriched and enhanced it."

Dave elaborated on the Smartless podcast Smartless podcast:

"Martin will take one of my songs, for instance, let's say 'Wagging Tongue', which is on this record. I sent my little demo to Martin of me hamfistedly trying to play the guitar, and get the song out and find the chords and all that. And then Martin sends it back with these beautiful Kraftwerk-esque chords and arpeggiated synths and stuff, and I'm like, "Oh, okay..." But that then takes me to another place, you see, because that changes the perception again."

Dave Gahan says to Steffen Rüth for DPA Agency (translated from German):

"[It's] the first song from both of us٭, that ever made it onto a record. I could sense early on that we really hit the mark with this one."

Martin Gore continues:

"The melody is excellent, and the entire song has something intoxicating. It's postive, it's pop, but it's not too much pop."

[٭ 'Oh Well', 'Long Time Lie, and 'You Move' are also songs co-credited to both Dave and Martin (the latter also appearing onto an album), but in those cases, Martin created them as instrumental records, and Dave decided to add lyrics to them later on. Perhaps Dave is meaning to say that the lyrics of 'Wagging Tongue' were written by both of them, and/or that the song was created in the same room.]


Wagging Tongue

You won't do well to silence me

With your words or wagging tongue

With your long tall tales of sorrow

Your song yet to be sung

I won't be offended

If I'm left across the great divide

Believe me, they will follow

Just to watch another angel die

Watch another angel die

You won't do well to darken me

With your secrets and your lies

With your piercing code of silence

Relax enjoy the ride

I'll meet you by the river

Or maybe on the other side

You find it hard to swallow

When you watch another angel die

Watch another angel die

Another sun is rising

Another day has come

You can find me, I'll be waiting

Until the day is done

I won't be persuaded

Kiss your doubts goodbye

Everything seems hollow

When you watch another angel die

Watch another angel die

Songwriter: Dave Gahan / Martin L. Gore
Publishing Information: EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI) o/b/o JJSR Productions Inc., Grabbing Hands Music Ltd., and EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (PRS)

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