Wagging Tongue

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1. My Cosmos Is Mine
2. Wagging Tongue
List of Memento Mori songs
3. Ghosts Again

"Wagging Tongue" is a song from the 2023 album Memento Mori by Depeche Mode.


Dave Gahan told Le Journal Du Dimanche:

"I composed it on my guitar, Martin enriched and enhanced it."

Dave Gahan says to Steffen Rüth for DPA Agency (translated from German):

"[It's] the first song from both of us٭, that ever made it onto a record. I could sense early one that we really hit the mark with this one."

Martin Gore continues:

"The melody is excellent, and the entire song has something intoxicating. It's postive, it's pop, but it's not too much pop."

Oh Well and You Move are also songs co-credited to both Dave and Martin (the latter also appearing onto an album), but in those cases, Martin created them as instrumental records, and Dave decided to add lyrics to them later on. Perhaps Dave is meaning to say that the lyrics of Wagging Tongue were written by both of them, and/or that the song was created in the same room.]

Live performances

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