2023-10-27 The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, NBC, New York, NY, USA

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On October 20th at 9:30pm GMT, Depeche Mode announced that they would be appearing on The Tonight Show via Facebook and X.

According to depechemode.touring.2023.2024 on Instagram, who was in attendance, Depeche Mode performed Wagging Tongue twice and My Favourite Stranger once.

Depeche Mode's Instagram post on October 28 indicated there would be another appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, October 31.


Videos of one of the performances of Wagging Tongue as well as the video of My Favourite Stranger were available on the official Depeche Mode YouTube account and the official Jimmy Fallon account but are no longer available, unfortunately.

Set list

  1. Wagging Tongue
  2. Wagging Tongue
  3. My Favourite Stranger