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Steffen Rüth interviewed Martin Gore for German syndicated news agency and asked him about this track (translated from German):

Steffen: You sing the song "Eternal" on your own. Is this song about your little daughter Johnnie Lee, who was born a year ago?

Gore: Yes. I wrote the song about my little girl.

Steffen: A lovely song, but did it really have to include a line like "When the radioactive rain falls, I will look you in the eye and kiss you"?

Gore: Isn't it romantic! [laughs] Okay, let's just say it's my way of romance. I think that when you put a child into this era, you have to take the worst into account. There is this omnipresent danger of every kind, including atomic wars. Since a few months ago, we got a crazy man in the biggest and most important position of the world [Donald Trump]. Who knows what will happen.

Martin elaborated on it to Consequence Of Sound:

"[...] I actually like 'Eternal' [out of all the songs on 'Spirit'] because it’s weird. [Laughs] [I]t was written about my daughter, who’s now one. It’s quite dark and bleak, and it talks about a mushroom cloud rising and radiation falling. The instrumentation is really strange and quite experimental and really something unlike anything we’ve done for a while."

And he told El Comercio's Luces:

"[Being a father] is a great influence. One of the songs on the album is called 'Eternal' and it's dedicated to one of my daughters who is now 2 years old. Maybe it's not the most positive song for a girl that age. But maybe when she grows up, she'll be proud of this composition [laughs]. My daughters and my son give me a lot of love. They always motivate me."

Martin also said on Very Good Trip:

"Maybe you are right that some of our work in the past has been more experimental, but I think if you listen to, like, 'Eternal' for instance on this album, which for me sounds more like an interlude, I think it's quite experimental."

Dates with available recordings of Eternal

  • There are currently no recordings of Eternal available to download.

Dates where Eternal was played

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

  • Eternal was not played during this tour.