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Depeche Mode
Produced by
Recorded at
Sound Design (Santa Barbara)
Jungle City (New York)
Mute Records
Length (mm:ss)
128 BPM
Time signature
C Minor
Kurt Uenala
Jimmy Robertson
Mixing assistance
Brendan Morawski
Brian Lucey
Studio assistance
Connor Long
Óscar Muñoz
David Schaeman
Brendan Morawski
Art direction
April - August, 2016
Originally released
March 17, 2017
Played live
0 times *
Total live plays
0 times *

'Eternal' is a song from the 2017 album Spirit by Depeche Mode.


Steffen Rüth interviewed Martin Gore for German syndicated news agency and asked him about this track (translated from German):

Steffen: You sing the song "Eternal" on your own. Is this song about your little daughter Johnnie Lee, who was born a year ago?

Gore: Yes. I wrote the song about my little girl.

Steffen: A lovely song, but did it really have to include a line like "When the radioactive rain falls, I will look you in the eye and kiss you"?

Gore: Isn't it romantic! [laughs] Okay, let's just say it's my way of romance. I think that when you put a child into this era, you have to take the worst into account. There is this omnipresent danger of every kind, including atomic wars. Since a few months ago, we got a crazy man in the biggest and most important position of the world [U.S. President Donald Trump]. Who knows what will happen.

Martin elaborated on it to Consequence Of Sound:

"[...] I actually like 'Eternal' [out of all the songs on 'Spirit'] because it’s weird. [Laughs] [I]t was written about my daughter, who’s now one. It’s quite dark and bleak, and it talks about a mushroom cloud rising and radiation falling. The instrumentation is really strange and quite experimental and really something unlike anything we’ve done for a while."

And he told El Comercio's Luces:

"[Being a father] is a great influence. One of the songs on the album is called 'Eternal' and it's dedicated to one of my daughters who is now 2 years old. Maybe it's not the most positive song for a girl that age. But maybe when she grows up, she'll be proud of this composition [laughs]. My daughters and my son give me a lot of love. They always motivate me."

Martin also said on Very Good Trip:

"Maybe you are right that some of our work in the past has been more experimental, but I think if you listen to, like, 'Eternal' for instance on this album, which for me sounds more like an interlude, I think it's quite experimental."



Oh little one

I will protect you

And surround you with my love

As well as any man can

As well as any man could

I will be there for you


And when the black cloud


And the radiation falls

I will look you in the eye

And kiss you

And give you all my love

As well as any man can

As well as any man could

You are my eternal



Songwriter: Martin L. Gore
Publishing Information: ©2016 Sony ATV Music Corp. and Grabbing Hands Music Ltd. All rights on behalf of itself and Grabbing Hands Music Ltd. admin. by Sony ATV Music Corp. (BMI). (USA). Published by Sony ATV Music Publishing Ltd Licensed by Grabbing Hands Music Ltd. (Rest Of The World)

Dates with available recordings of Eternal

  • There are currently no recordings of Eternal available to download.

Dates where Eternal was played

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

  • Eternal was not played during this tour.