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Dave Gahan told Rolling Stone:

"[Christian Eigner and Peter Gordeno] sent me this guitar line, and it had a bit of a Muscle Shoals vibe. It was a very different feel and I got this melody in my head. [Martin Gore is] not a man of many words when it comes to others' songs [but he called] 'Poison Heart' the best song Gahan had ever written. It's not intended to be a breakup song. I was watching the news on TV and I was writing through my own inability to really relate to another human being. There must be something wrong with me, poison in my heart or whatever. So it was fun to play with that imagery, and it became more worldly – greed and lust and wanting what you want when you want it and nothing else matters. So I was breaking up with myself – trying to evolve, trying to break up with old ideas that I think are working for me but are not in actuality. Fortunately, that's not my relationship with my wife. 'Poison Heart' complements another song on the album called 'The Worst Crime'. The lyrics to 'Poison Heart' are more of an internal dialogue, but 'Worst Crime' is looking outward."

He also told Amazon:

"Sometimes it's hard to talk about things you've written in songs, the lyrics and stuff. You don't know where they come from, sometimes. It's sort of a throwback, it sounds like something that has come out of the '60s. When I first heard the guitar line that was given to me, I immediately - I don't know why - heard this phrase in my head, "You have poison in your heart", and that was immediately followed by "I'm sure of it". It's not something I'm sure of. I was sort of looking at myself at first. And then I had this whole other outside perspective as well with what was going on in the world, or in my little world, when I wrote it. Politically, there was stuff going on in England, all the talks about us doing Brexit, Brexit then happening, campaigning was going on over here at home. And I was like, "What's happening?" Some of the rest of the songs came together during that time. That song was written a good year ago or something. I think it's impossible to not be affected by stuff that goes on. But to me, the song was really about a relationship, this relationship that you can have with yourself or another person, or the world, however you wanna look at it. It doesn't quite work. And you have to take the blame and say how much responsibility you're gonna take yourself. It's kind of spiky, and it's actually one of my favourite songs that I've written. There's something really free about it, and it came quite fast, the lyric, and the melody came quite fast, and it all came together, which doesn't often happen. And I like the feel of it, the feel of is just like this '60s thing."

Andy Fletcher told 91.9 WFPK that 'Poison Heart' as it ended up on the album was "just the same as the demo" version.

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There are currently 21 recordings of Poison Heart available.

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2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

Poison Heart was played 61 times during this tour.