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Featured articles
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A featured article is a complete original work written, nominated, and deemed by DM Live contributors to be a noteworthy example of DM Live's vision - to provide a comprehensive and accurate encyclopedia of knowledge for all fans of Depeche Mode. Featured articles are nominated and subsequently voted on by site editors. All nominated articles must exemplify the best of DM Live content.

What determines an article's eligibility?

In order to be nominated, an article must consist of well-written literature that cannot be described as being "too wordy". Language should be intelligent but concise, without being too complex. In contrast, prose should not be simple to the point that its intended meaning is lost. Striking a fine balance between strong writing and page readability is key to producing a feature-worthy article. Articles consisting entirely of lists, links, or image galleries are ineligible for consideration at this time.

Featured articles should provide all known information on the subjects they cover. Articles should be illustrated with a range of high-quality pictures and tables used on the page must conform to the DM Live standard of rounded corners styled using template-based color schemes. Color schemes are determined by preset color hex code values, see color templates for a full list of color-specific tools.