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Creating new articles

To create a new article, simply search for a well-considered article title in the search bar. If the desired page does not already exist, you may create it by entering the article title into your browser's address bar after the DM Live address. For example: To Do

Referencing the Featured article criteria is recommended, as they outline best practices for writing and formatting your articles. It is also recommended to simply view the source of existing pages to see at a glance how other articles throughout DM Live utilize features such as templates for optimal style and formatting.

Things to remember

Wikipedia page title conventions require that all proper nouns are capitalized regardless of their placement within a page title, whereas all other words are not capitalized. For example, an article title featuring proper nouns such as "Dave Gahan and Martin Gore" is capitalized regardless of proper noun placement, whereas an article titled "Live backing tapes" would not require the words "backing" or "tapes" be capitalized. Books and the names of journalistic sources are considered proper nouns. Song names are to be written as they appear in their marketing, album names are to be italicized.

For a basic tutorial of how to create content, links, add pictures, and more, please reference the following Wikipedia tutorial.

Projects worth their salt do not come together overnight. Even your smallest contributions to DM Live are greatly appreciated! Thank you for contributing!