Memento Mori

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This article is about the album. To view a list of its songs and B-sides, see Memento Mori songs.
Memento Mori
Album Memento Mori
By Depeche Mode
Catalogue number 19658784211
Release date 24 March 2023
Recorded July–October 2022
Recorded at Electric Ladyboy (Santa Barbara)
Shangri-La (Malibu)
Produced by James Ford
Mixed October–November[1] 2022
Mixed by Marta Salogni
Mixed at Studio Zona (London)
Formats LPCDMC
Number of tracks 12

Memento Mori is the fifteenth studio album by Depeche Mode. It was released on 24 March 2023 by Columbia Records, being the first album to be released after founding band member Andrew Fletcher's death on 26 May 2022. It was supported by the Memento Mori Tour.


From the press release:

We started work on this project early in the pandemic, and its themes were directly inspired by that time. After Fletch's passing, we decided to continue as we're sure this is what he would have wanted, and that has really given the project an extra level of meaning.

— Martin Gore –

Dave Gahan and Martin Gore explain the creation process of the album during the 2022-10-04 press conference:

Gahan: "We got together the first time in, just for a couple of weeks, I guess a few months ago now?"
Gore: "Yeah, something like middle of July I think it was. One thing I think is important to say, is that all of the songs, and even the album title, was kind of decided before Andy passed."

A postcard of the album artwork and lyric excerpts from 'Ghosts Again' was sent to fans who signed up for the countdown timer that was available on the website starting on 26 January 2023. More information about the countdown and scans of the postcard are available on the song's page.

Track list

  1. My Cosmos Is Mine
  2. Wagging Tongue
  3. Ghosts Again
  4. Don't Say You Love Me
  5. My Favourite Stranger
  6. Soul With Me
  7. Caroline's Monkey
  8. Before We Drown
  9. People Are Good
  10. Always You
  11. Never Let Me Go
  12. Speak To Me

For a full list of songs and singles produced for this album, see the list of Memento Mori songs.


Singles from "My Cosmos Is Mine" onwards are branded "releases" by the official website's discography section.

  1. Ghosts Again9 February 2023[2]
  2. My Cosmos Is Mine16 June 2023
  3. Wagging Tongue7 July 2023
  4. Speak To Me11 August 2023
  5. My Favourite Stranger20 October 2023
  6. Before We Drown9 February 2024
  7. People Are Good5 April 2024


Album live plays by song

  • Song live play values are plotted from zero to 1,100.
  • All values are determined by summing the number of times each song has been performed
    live by Depeche Mode per tour.
  • These totals do not reflect live plays performed by individual members of Depeche Mode
    as part of solo projects, solo tours, or known one-off performances.


  • The total number of live song plays from Memento Mori is 511. This figure is found by summing the number of individual performances for each album track.


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