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Martin Gore told (translated from German):

"So far, [writing songs together with Dave] has worked well. I think that we both like to work alone. I had this vague idea for a song [You Move] and I sent him a sound file. He then added text and vocals and sent the file back to me, so that I could complete the song."

Dave Gahan told Amazon:

"It was a weird song. Martin had sent me this rhythm track that was really odd, and he said "I don't know what to do with this, maybe you can have a go at doing something to it." So I was baffled at first, but it almost felt like he had sent me an incredible challenge, because it has such a weird time signature and weird sounds. And there wasn't a lot of chord structure to it that I could really latch onto. So I let it just simmer and I left it alone, and I was like "I don't know, this is like a jigsaw puzzle." But then one night I was in bed and I suddenly remembered this rhythm playing that Martin had sent me, and I suddenly got this hookline into my head, 'I like the way you move'. And there was something about what he had sent me too. I just couldn't get it out of my head, so I got out and kind of threw something into my iPhone. And the next day I went into my studio and I kind of formulated my idea into a melody and this lyric came out. I don't really know why. Sometimes music is like that: you respond to something, it's call and response, somehow. But I thought it's really interesting, us doing a little collaboration too. I hope that in the future we can do more of that. I'm certainly open to the idea of Martin sending me things. He's a great songwriter, and if he comes with a finished song and gives it to me, I think there's plenty of room for us to maybe explore it too. I'd quite like that, that's definitely a taste of what could come."

Dave Gahan revealed on WFUV Radio that the lyrics were inspired by the song that ultimately became 'Europa Hymn' from Martin Gore's 2015 'MG' album:

"I was happy that [Martin Gore released 'MG', in 2015]. When we finished making Delta Machine, there was a number of bits and pieces left over that we haven't developed into songs, or... they are instrumentals. And I think that Martin sort of got the idea then that maybe he was gonna go away and produce more of an instrumental album-type album, more sort of filmic in some ways. I remember when I first heard it, a few of them I was like "Oh, I remember that was something you played me, a part of it." I really liked a couple of things: I liked 'Europa Hymn' especially, the first piece which set the whole thing up. I liked the way it moved. Hence a song later on that became on this album was with a hookline "I like the way you move". I wrote that down - I mean, Martin doesn't know this - but I had [written] that down, and when Martin sent me an instrumental piece which became "Move", which was really odd, rhythmically. At first I was like "Why did he send me this?" He said, "Look, maybe I don't know what to do with this, maybe you can come up with a vocal melody, and some lyrics." It stayed with me for a bit, and then I was looking through some of my old bits and pieces on my phone, some things where I had thrown down a phrase or something, something that had come in my head, and that line came up ["I like the way you move"]. That tied me into actually that piece that he did on his instrumental record ['Europa Hymn']."

Dave Gahan explained the lyrics to Paradiso:

"[I]t is about one person seeing another person and respecting and seeing the moves, but also knowing that: "You're not gonna get me like that. You're gonna have to do more than that. I'm tempted. I like the way you move." And it's a bit sarcastic, and it's also like at the end of a relationship that maybe has worked in a way for a long time in a certain way, but it needs to change."

Dates with available recordings of You Move

  • There are currently no recordings of You Move available to download.

Dates where You Move was played

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

  • You Move was not played during this tour.