1986-04-10 N.E.C., Birmingham, England, UK/Source 3

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A very good sounding FM broadcast recording. This is a fresh remaster of a 2015 transfer of a second generation cassette tape which was generously contributed by darkdevoted. Because this version is of an original Japanese radio broadcast, it remains as its own source despite a generally superior version becoming available as Source 1.

This version is properly speed corrected and has equalization applied to reduce excessively boomy sounding bass. Furthermore, "Shake The Disease" from alternate broadcast sources is not patched in to this version as was done for prior reworks of this audio, since a superior version from a 1991 Swiss rebroadcast recorded directly to DAT exists as part of Source 1 and Source 2.

Furthermore, four bonus tracks consisting of Black Celebration, A Question Of Time, It's Called A Heart, and Master And Servant, sourced from the "Rated PG" silver CD bootleg, have been speed and phase corrected and merged into the recording to benefit from their improved sound quality. They are most likely sourced from the original master tape and have noticeably better sound than the rest of the recording which is sourced from a second-generation cassette tape. The original tracks from the second generation tape are included in the bonus folder in case you do not want the upgraded tracks.

The Japanese radio host's outro says the following, translated to English:

Depeche Mode have made a long anticipated LP, and this is the first in a long time. "Music For The Masses" was released in October 1987. They're on a promotional tour across Europe, followed by full-scale rehearsals and the start of a concert tour.

They're planning for a home country tour in the UK early next year. The is their sixth album, which was recorded in Paris and London. If you listen to it, you'll notice that Depeche Mode's style has taken on a full-fledged form, and it's a record that gives off a calm and mature personality. This album is where hits like "Strangelove" and "Never Let Me Down Again" were created.

They are planning to come to Japan, for the third time, during 1988, so it won't be long before we can experience their even more mature stage performance.

This Midnight Live Special of Depeche Mode On-Stage in April 1986, as reported on by Kiwaharu Yaguchi, gave us information about the three-day concert leg at the Birmingham National Exhibition Center in England on the 7th, 9th, and 10th. We will, once again, hand the baton to Sayuri Yamamoto, and present Neil Young on stage. Please continue to enjoy it.

Thanks to DMRobo for this translation, and our apologies for any potential inaccuracies.

Please also see Source 1, which uses the DAT recording of a 1991 Swiss rebroadcast found at Source 2 for most of the recording combined with audio from this Japanese broadcast in order to restore missing audio from the rebroadcast and eliminate the DJ chatter.

Source 2 is the unmodified DAT recording of the 1991 Swiss radio re-broadcast DAT master.

Many thanks to dmplus for originally recording this broadcast, to darkdevoted for lending me his second generation cassette copy back in 2015, and to DMRobo for helping with quality checks and for the Japanese translation.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

The source cassette tape.
  1. [4:53] Play Black Celebration
  2. [4:14] Play A Question Of Time
  3. [5:23] Play It's Called A Heart
  4. [5:30] Play Everything Counts
  5. [2:47] Play It Doesn't Matter Two (*)
  6. [4:30] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  7. [5:26] Play Blasphemous Rumours
  8. [6:26] Play Stripped
  9. [3:49] Play Something To Do
  10. [5:11] Play Master And Servant
  11. [4:33] Play People Are People
  12. [1:40] Play Radio Outro
  • Total time: 54:22


  • NHK (Japanese) FM broadcast of the "Midnight Live Special" segment on August 7, 1987 00:00-01:00 -> Sony tuner/deck -> Sony HF-ES60 type I master tape -> first generation cassette -> second generation Maxell XLII-S 60 high position cassette -> Sony TC-WE805S cassette deck (azimuth optimized) -> Monoprice heavy-duty RCA to 3.5mm cable -> ASUS Xonar DX sound card -> Adobe Audition CS6 (32-bit / 96 khz) -> WAV (24/48) files -> in Audacity 3.4.2: stereo channels phase aligned, speed adjusted 1.5%, normalized to -0.1dB and any DC offset removed -> in Reaper: stereo balance adjustment, level tweaks where needed, equalization to reduce boominess, click removal as needed -> in Audacity 3.4.2: merged in speed and phase corrected "Rated PG" tracks (1-3 and 10), track splits -> WAV (16/44) -> FLAC level 8
  • Taper: dmplus
  • Generation: 2nd, with 4 tracks likely sourced from the master tape
  • Transfer (cassette): DMLiveWiki, circa 2015
  • Cassette tape photos and auCDTectTaskManager log included