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Depeche Mode said in the 1986-02-22 issue of No.1 magazine:

Andy: "The idea of 'Stripped' is to get away from technology and civilisation for a day and get back to basics in the country. It's about two people stripping down to their bare emotions. In the video we're seen demolishing a car and taking a TV apart... it's a bit, er, symbolic."

Dave: "It's not about sex. It's to do with having nothing except yourself. The people in the song could strip off if they wanted to though. The song is also a bit chancy. It doesn't capture you immediately. Some people hear it and say "Is that it?" Others go "Brilliant!"."

Martin Gore in Bong issue no. 37, 1998:

"I think that since the 'Black Celebration' album we’ve started getting things right and 'Stripped' is one of the best atmospheres we’ve ever captured."

Quotes from the documentary on the DVD of the Black Celebration remaster from 2006:

Alan Wilder: "One of the first tracks we recorded, I think, was Stripped. And that just flowed, probably the only track on the album that did, and it was easy.[1] And I think I have to give credit to Martin's demo, because recorded the demo using the opening sound to that, which is an Emulator sample of a motorbike, ideally. And we said, "Well, let's just replicate that in the studio", and everything else just followed. We recorded Dave's Porsche, if you're trying to be [specific], a Porsche, and we recorded its ignition, which starts the track."

Gareth Jones: "Fireworks on Stripped, as well, is another famous piece. Obviously, on November the 5th, it was."

Daniel Miller: "It was rockets that we were doing, so we thought, if we angled them at a fairly low angle, we could set up a series of microphones and we would still be able to pick up the sound as it travelled along. If we straight up, we would have got just one sound, it would just have sort of disappeared, so we did that. We set up a sort of bottle at a very narrow angle and had, like, 5 microphones maybe, at, I don't know, 15 feet apart, something like that."

Martin Gore told Electronics and Music Magazine in 1986:

"[...] the rhythm of 'Stripped' was made up of the sound of an idling motorbike played half-an-octave down from its original pitch."

When Depeche Mode was interviewed about the songs on the '101' CD for the April 1989 issue of French magazine 'Best', Martin Gore said (translated from French):

"It's one of our best songs. It emerges out of the evolution of our music. After 'Some Great Reward', which was a pretty harsh album, we went in a more melodic direction with 'Black Celebration', and 'Stripped' illustrates this change well. It's a song that releases good vibrations, perfect for on stage. We all agree on that one."

Dates with available recordings of Stripped

There are currently 410 recordings of Stripped available.

Dates where Stripped was played

1986 Black Celebration Tour

Stripped was played 75 times during this tour.

1987-1988 Music For The Masses Tour

Stripped was played 101 times during this tour.

1990 World Violation Tour

Stripped was played 89 times during this tour.

1993 Devotional Tour

Stripped was played 98 times during this tour.

1994 Exotic Tour

Stripped was played 60 times during this tour.

1997 Ultra Parties

  • Stripped was not played during this tour.

1998 The Singles Tour

Stripped was played 53 times during this tour.

2001 Exciter Tour

  • Stripped was not played during this tour.

2003 Paper Monsters Tour (Dave Gahan solo)

  • Stripped was not played during this tour.

2003 "A Night With Martin L. Gore" (Martin L. Gore solo)

  • Stripped was not played during this tour.

2005-2006 Touring The Angel

Stripped was played 47 times during this tour.

2009-2010 Tour Of The Universe

Stripped was played 102 times during this tour.

2013-2014 Delta Machine Tour

Stripped was played only once during this tour.

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

Stripped was played 126 times during this tour.


  1. In the same documentary, Martin contradicts him, saying: "Stripped took 9 days mixing and God knows how long recording."